Yin/Yang Flow Yoga

The ancient Chinese believed that everything has yin and yang attributes and this philosophy is transferred to this class. It is the perfect balancing practice for those that want to feel the the benefits of a dynamic, energising, heat producing flow class (yang), but also want to slow down, and experience a nourishing, calming and mindful practice (yin).

What to expect?

  • The class will start with a yang practice, a flowing sequence aimed at moving the body, generating heat
  • The yang asanas will primarily focus on standing postures, working through sun salutations, warrior sequences, balances, lunges, twists...
  • The second part of the class will flow onto yin sequences mainly sitting or reclining, utilising props such as bolsters and blocks
  • The yin asanas will work mostly into the areas between the navel and knee, but does go beyond these zones, actively working the full spine, up into the shoulders
  • Yin holds postures from 3-5 minutes (longer for more experienced practitioners), allowing a deep meditative practice, working into the deep connective tissues, ligaments, tendons, joints and fascial networks
  • This class strengthens and improves our flexibility, rebalances our energy, and promotes a calmer, more centred self
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Cambusbarron Community Centre

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