Yin Yoga

What is Yin?

Yin Yoga has its roots in Chinese Doaist practices, but also combines the influences of Indian Yoga. Traditonal Western style yoga is influenced by the "yang" practices, hot, active, energetic asanas, working the muscular half of the body. Yin Yoga provides the balance, working the "yin" tissues of the ligaments and deep fascial tissues, strengthening our joints and bones. Yin recognises that our anatomy is different and as a result postures are modified to the individual so they can find their own 'edge'.


This style of yoga is not restorative, but the emphasis is on long-held passive stresses of the deeper connective tissues. When you are guided into a pose by your teacher, you are supported with options of a pose to enable you to work on the appropriate muscular and skeletal structures, but you become your own guru as your practice develops, as only you know what you are feeling.


You need to listen to your body, working to your edge. As long as you don't experience pain you remain in the pose for increasingly longer periods of time, to work deep within your yin tissues. Strong stretching sensations are to be expected. You don't need to go any further if you are feeling a significant stretch, compression or twist. This is embracing your yin.

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11am-12pm, at Cambusbarron Community Centre
*£7.50 drop in, £6 for block members*

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Thursdays 6.15-7.15pm at The Wee Yoga Room.


Booking through www.weeyogaroom.com.


Block bookings/prices vary check The Wee Yoga Room website for details. Drop in taster classes available on request.

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