Kids Yoga March 2018

As we move into the spring season, we look to close the chapter on winter and take time to think about all we have accomplished in our Kids Yoga classes!  We have spent more time this block of focussing on our asanas (yoga poses) for the 5-8 years, looking at variations of each pose, combining them with partner poses where possible, but also learning a bit more about the benefits and the affect they have on our body and mind.  We do keep it a little simpler for our 3-5 years, keeping the poses at a beginner level, making sure we get the foundations right, like good yoga shoulders and good yoga backs, but by the time we reach our 5-8 and 8-12 years we build on our knowledge evolving into more complex sequences.


We have had a real mixture of asanas working from more challenging backbends like swan, into bridge and wheel, remembering to balance the spine after these strong poses moving into forward folds like our child or pizza pose.  Continuing to work strongly into the spine and legs with kite and skiing pose, whilst allowing our inner roars to be released in our variations of lion pose, letting go of tensions and negativity.  Our balances have become more complex moving on from airplane into warrior III, strengthening the shoulders, legs, spine and toning the tummy; also working into partner variations, relying on each other for support and balance.  Elephant pose helped focus on the shoulders and chest as well as releasing tensions with the movement of the arms on the exhalation.


What our themed lessons aim to do is unify healthy movement with the breath, keeping our yogis in the moment, allowing a calmer, centred self, with a fun story backdrop for the younger yogis and incorporating more age specific themes for the older yogis, like seasons or sporting events, but always something that they can relate to and share their thoughts and ideas about.  Sometimes we may explore a moral message like the resilience shown by the character in A little Stuck, or find out about different habits and cultures like hot deserts in How the Camel Got his Hump and Indian culture with the folk tale How Elephants Lost their Wings.  We endeavour to take time after our energetic yoga games, such as musical mats and the telephone game to focus on the breath, moving into pranayama (breath control) and meditation.  The Take 5 Breath, this session for the 5-8 years trains the yogis to concentrate on deep inhalations for 5, hold, and then exhale for 5 and hold, again bringing our yogis to a calmer self.  This session we’ve worked more on our body scan meditation as our older yogis have learned to relax into their bodies, using the eye bags to help them go inside and connect with themselves without sensory overload and distraction.  Our younger yogis have been learning to focus on the breath to calm us at the end of every class, like our Bumble Bee Breath.


There will be a new 8 week block starting Tuesdays 17th April – 12th June (no class 22nd May) at Cambusbarron Community Centre.  If you book and pay by 31st March, you can enjoy the Early Bird Offer of £36.75 or otherwise £42 for the block for classes for 5-12 years and our 3-5 years class is £38 or £33.25 if paid before 31st March.


Come and join us.


Yogi Lynne x


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